Thursday, June 22

..kinda cool, (last attempt at one of these
(at least for the next few years (Note to self - please))))...

..Thank you SUNY Plattsburgh

Friday, June 9

COMPLETED : Algonquin, Iroquois and Wright Peaks

We did it! After an incredible challenge and deciding to just do this, regardless of how bad the weather was going to be - today we finished a challenging trio of high peaks in epic fashion.

The goal was #16 Wright Peak, #9 Algonquin, and #17 Iroquois Peak ~ The MacIntyre Range. The "we" includes myself and the amazingly awesome Lauren (LG) . My incredible former co-instructor, amazing colleague, and all around great friend [side note: LG is totally married to the incredible Ryan Lee who I adore (this is mainly for my family and friends that have been calling me to checkin), that is all].

LG and javery

Part I
To begin, LG and I planned on knocking out all three hikes in September 2016. I was in a bad emotional place, she wanted to get a high peak out of the way. We had no real goal, hoping to get at least one done.

We began both Part I and II at Hearts Lake, looking for an out and back. We started strong. High positive energy. Fart jokes. Butt jokes. Awkward conversations you only have between the bestest of friends. It was going well.

Then disaster struck! I got sick about 2/3 of the way up Algonquin. LG was scared. I was scared. I couldn't stand up for a long period of time, I was to the point of dry heaving. BUT, we needed to get one of these done, so we pushed on... [PS: LG will say that she carried me out....I have no comment on the matter (that is what the lawyers told me to say)].

We planned on Wright at the end of the hike, and Iroquois was only optional at that point.

I told her I wanted Algonquin so we trekked on. Summit-ed Algonquin in miserable wind and no views (not helping anyone's morale). We turned around talk....nothing...until we hit the "toilet" sign and we decided to eat something. Then got back to it.

Once to the car we drove back in silence. After dropping LG back at home, I found my....floor (yes, that is as far as I could make it) and slept until early afternoon the next day (FYI, for reference sake, I have woken up before 6a every day for the last 15 years).

A miserable hike (hence why there are no pictures). I miserable day. A lot learned quickly.

Part II
Which gets us up to date with today - we tried again in June 2017.

Again, we started strong. Starting at 8:10a. High positive energy. Fart jokes. Butt jokes. Awkward conversations you only have between the bestest of friends. It was going well.

We struggled at the beginning, deciding to knock off Wright Peak first at 10:30a. It down poured as soon as we made it away from the trees. We summit-ed and literally scurried back down....stumbling all over because the rocks were so damn wet. We were lucky no one was hurt.

We did not look for the plan crash, maybe next time.

LG's 3rd peak - Iroquois!!

Questioning all of our life decisions at this point...we pressed forward against our better judgement we set course for Algonquin. (We did lunch by the "toilets" sign, as it was the only dry spot and we were hungry.)

However, miraculously, we both started feeling better; the sun came out - life was good. We summit-ed Algonquin (again) around 11:45am.

Our old friend Algonquin.

The best pano I think I have ever done.

With little wait we took off for Iroquois. We had a mission now, get this shit done.


We passed Border, and made the wrong assumption we were After some narrow passages and some tough (two person teamed) challenges, we got there at 1:30p.

Iroquois views rivaled everything today
We turned back around after a few minutes and began the trek back to the car. We passed back through Algonquin - to LG's comment "Thank God, the last time I will ever be on this mountain". I would say this was the hardest part of the three peak journey, back tracking up Border and Algonquin, specifically Algonquin. Just a little demoralizing. But, hot damn, what a gorgeous day. 

After some more fart jokes, and awkward conversations we made it back to the car at 3:30p. As a whole, flies were not horrible and the mud was not nearly as bad as expected. The real shocker was the weather held.

This was a rough hike, easily in my top 3 most difficult. However, with a great companion and incredible views it was amazing.

What an incredible day. I am so lucky and blessed I cannot even say.

Great spirits even after nonstop walking

PS: Of course, we got a reward for this great accomplishment. Smoke Signals Flat Liner Burger and a PBR. Pretty epic way to finish.

The best reward

Thursday, June 8

Do I Wait ~ Ryan Adams

Do I want to say the things that I say When I know that they are wrong? Do I wait here forever for you? Could you ask me to? I've been waiting here all night If you're not going to show We're not going to fight I could stay forever if I tried Surrounded by things Like a shadow in the light Do I try and stay still for you? And the clouds will part here An emptiness of the room Do you watch me from the corner of your eye? Do we say goodbye? I waited in the wings for you to appear But you're never coming back And we're never going to feel Like we did I waited all night I tried to let you go Like a shadow in the light The light Do I wait? Do I wait for you? Do I wait? Do I wait for you? Do I wait here forever for you? Did you ask me to?

Tuesday, June 6

A Crazy, Wonderful Few Weeks

What a crazy 6 weeks, and 2 more weeks to come. Just spent an incredibly amazing weekend in Boston with some great friends and felt like I needed to do a post. Something a bit different, I am just going to write an update about the craziness and moment I just feel blessed.

To put a summary on it - I have spent more time living in the present than I have in months.

A good thing for sure!

The last month
We finished a very taxing academic year, a trend, with emotional highs and lows. I got my freaking second masters (hopefully)! I prepared myself for a rough following weeks that just didn't happen. Maybe for the best. Emotionally draining nonetheless.

During this time; my phone died and lost all of my pictures and messages, got the Lumineers CD,

I decided to take some time for me, well, that is what I am calling it. What a sane person would say I have decided to max my credit card out for the first time (not really, I am spending money and I do not do that much). I have been out with friends more, doing things more, and just trying put myself out there. Not to mention, knock out a bunch of this bucket list.

Blake and Colvin Hike
To begin my few days off I started with hiking #14 Mount Colvin and #15 Blake Peak. It was a fun hike up by myself. Colvin was simply gorgeous. And the hike up wasn't all that bad. There was beautiful views all around, pictures do not do it justice.

Mount Colvin

I finished my lunch and then made my way to Blake, thinking nothing could break my good vibes. I knew Blake was not the most fun hike, had little to no views, and really isn't among the 4,600 footer's - however I pushed on with a smile.

That lasted for 20 min.

The mud, zig zags, and general not-so-fun nature of the trail was miserable. I caught up to the guy ahead of me, he was coming down, and we agreed - this just wasn't fun. We were both worried about the weather, so took off quick. It was nice to see human contact for the first time in 4 hours.

I got to the summit of Blake, stayed for 2 minutes, and then took off. I stopped back to Colvin, just to remember the amazing view. It rained all the way down; then completely down poured as I hit the main road.

I got some dinner at the Black Bear Restaurant, I have been driving by it for over 12 years and finally stopped in. Pretty amazing food. Then took off for my 3 hour drive back home!

Memorial Day
I GOT TO GO HOME for Memorial Day. A nice long weekend with my folks. Lots of stories, good food, a small market place, and drinks. It was nice just to relax with my folks, no responsibilities. Phone off for the most part.

I made my way back up to Plattsburgh with a new since of least for a little bit.


This post is on the heels of an incredible weekend trip to Boston. I finally got a moment to get down to see an amazing friend from NODA. The incredible Sarah! We did a [real!] hibachi, finally!

Saturday was the big day, walking around Boston with really no plan other than a cider (Downeast Cider) tour. We had an incredible brunch at In A Pickle, then made our way to downtown Boston. From there we walked around Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, along the Freedom Trail, found Pride Week Celebrations (including a highheel race). For lunch we went to an Australian meat pie place (I still do not know if I liked what I ate), then got our tour.

We finished the day outside of the state house and relaxed at the Boston Commons. Met up with some more friends. Dinner was at Sevens Ale House, which was hands down the best sandwich I have ever had. Finally crashing for the night, cause there is only so much you can do in one day, and we did it.

I drove home the next morning...and back to the grind :(

So, I guess what I am saying, it has been an incredibly amazing few weeks. I have been all over the place, from lows to extreme highs. I have been able to hang out with some incredibly amazing people. Brand new friends. Opening myself to having some incredible folks come into my life and change it, making a bit brighter.

And it doesn't end here. I have some great plans to knock out items on the bucket list, for instance a freaking Coldplay concert! I get to do this all with some great friends.

And I started Risk Legacy this week. Just too much :p

I have no idea how the next few days...weeks...years will go. I never have. But, for some reason, for the first time in  months I have fell hopeful. That is a feeling that is so important, important to our life.